Moomin Mug by Arabia, Little My

Moomin Mug by Arabia, Little My

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Little My is one of Mymble's numerous children. She is the smallest, but also the most sassy. Little My doesn't like being told what to do and isn't afraid of speaking her mind. Messiness and disorganisation don't bother her at all, and she is so tiny she can easily fit into a milk beaker or into a drawer full of kitchen utensils. 


Be transported back to your childhood with these gorgeous and whimsical mugs. Featuring a range of beloved Moomin characters, there is bound to be a perfect mug for any occasion. Made of durable porcelain, these mugs are dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe. 


Size: 300ml

Material: Porcelain

Designer: Arabia / Designed in Finland

Made in Thailand