KLINTA Vegan Candle

KLINTA Vegan Candle

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Klinta knows there are lots of vegan alternatives on the market when it comes to candles. Their VEGAN range ensures that the wellbeing of animals, the environment and people is protected from production to burning the candle. This means that all ingredients are pure and release nothing harmful when the candle is burning. Burn time is 45 hours. 

Eucalyptys & Peppermint: Pure essential oils from mint and eucalyptus provide a fantastically uplifting and fresh fragrance.

Lavender & Rosemary: Pure French lavender and herby rosemary combine for the ultimate inspirational essential fragrance.  Uplifting, fresh, making any space feel like a spa.


Lemongrass: Gives energy, clarity and positivity. Good against fatigue and negative thoughts and can be used to combat irritability, nervousness, exhaustion or tiredness in the morning. Very fresh and crispy!