LUMI Reed Diffuser Kaamos - Arctic Silence

LUMI Reed Diffuser Kaamos - Arctic Silence

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Handcrafted with the highest quality Nordic botanicals, LUMI's Kaamos Reed Diffuser envelops any space with the silent, scented memories of a Finnish winter countryside cottage, where refreshing wood tar base notes mingle with warming heart notes of clove and tantalizing top notes of gingerbread. The diffuser is designed to continously fill the room with this wondrous winter scent, a perfect compliment to the Kaamos candle. The custom formula releases fragrance slowly through ten all-natural straw sticks for approximately 90 days. Fragrance is made up of wood tar, clove, rosemary, pine needles and gingerbread. 


Ingredients: Pinenes, limonene and eugenol. Causes serious eye irritation and may cause an allergic reaction. 

Designer: LUMI

Assembled and produced in Finland