NORWOOL Windstopper 100% Wool Jacket, Black/Grey

NORWOOL Windstopper 100% Wool Jacket, Black/Grey

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This very fancy & classic windstopper jumper is made of 100% pure new Norwegian wool (worsted/combed wool) and of the highest quality knitting.

The cardigan is lined with genuine "Proline" windstopping lining, which makes it both windproof, waterproof and fully breathable. It is of the famous stretch quality, which also allows one to do physical activity/work. 

The windstopper jumper is fitted with a full zipper and two side pockets, even those with a zip and high neck with soft black fleece on the inside of the neck collar. 

The windstopper cardigan is manufactured in Norway by Gjestal wool spinning factory from Oltedalen, currently considered by many to be one of the best and leading wool spinning mills in Norway.

This is really a nop notch quality knitted windstopper jacket of unisex sizing, suitable for people of all ages. 

This is a beautiful and warm original Norwegian windstopper that is also incredibly modern. Your guarantee of being kept warm throughout the winter.