Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you an IKEA store?
A. No! We do stock some IKEA products, but we also stock other amazing Scandinavian brands.
Q. Do I have to order furniture in and wait?
A. No! If the product is on display in the shop (without a sold out sticker, of course) it will be ready to go from our storage (which is in the same space as our shop). We do have a very high turn over of stock, especially some of our bigger furniture pieces - so if you fall in love, don't hesitate or you will miss out!
Q. Can I order IKEA through you?
A. Unfortunately we are stopping our pre-order service for smaller orders due to problems with processing the orders and shipping. Many single products often get broken on the way. However, we are still able to bring some larger orders or items in on a case by case basis. To find out whether we can pre-order items you are interested in please send us an enquiry through email with the item's name and product number. We will get back to you with a quote and time frame if we can bring your items in.
Q. Why Europe and not Australia?
A. IKEA has different warehousing across different parts of the world, and Australia gets products from the Asia/Pacific region - which does not offer as much variety as Europe. We also have a company we work with in Finland that helps source and send over not only IKEA, but some of the other amazing Scandi products we have. 
Q. Do you have a catalogue? 
A. No, our stock changes so fast that a catalogue would not be able to keep up! You can find all the IKEA stock on one of their websites or some of our stock on our website. We recommend you just come to the shop to get your inspo! 
Q. You've sold out of what I want! When will be in again?
A. That depends on what the item is. Some items are seasonal or produced for an exclusive period of time, so we may not be able to get them back in again. Some things also go out of production or a colour will go out of production too. If it's one of our bigger furniture pieces, it has most likely just sold out due to popularity! We can take your details down and put you on a waiting list for the next container. We will contact you and put aside what you have put your name down for, for two weeks before it will be added to our stock levels for all customers.
Q. Do I have to assemble it?
A. Most products from IKEA require assembly! They have been producing these flat packs for over 40 years, so they have their instructions down to a fine art. If you really don't feel confident, have can provide you with some contacts to some top-notch fellas who provide flatpack assembly services. 
Q. Something is missing or faulty in my flatpack! Help!
A. No need to panic! Please first check the packaging, sometimes small parts such as screws are hidden in some cardboard wrap that might make it hard to spot at first. If you still can't find it, or if something is broken, we'll organise a replacement for you. If we don't have the spare part available in store, we'll source it for you. It may have to come from IKEA - but we will get it sent over quick smart! We generally keep spare parts for most things in case this happens and so you don't have to wait.
Q. Do the products come in other colours?
A. Some things are just in their set colourways, and other things do come in other colours. Due to our limited storage size, we don't always stock every colour of every item - so we could talk to you about doing a pre-order for the item.
Q. Can you tell me more about your blankets?
A. All of our blankets are made out of premium New Zealand wool in either Finland (by Lapuan Kankurit, a Finnish brand) or in Latvia (by Klippan, a Swedish brand). Both brands still make them the old fashioned way on weaving mills. Both also have English websites if you would like to know more information. These blankets are premium quality and make an amazing gift. An investment into something you can pass down to the generations to come!
Q. What about your slippers?
A. Our slippers are made in a small town in Finland, by a brand called Lahtiset. Hand made out of felted lambs wool and made to endure the Finnish winter (MUCH colder than ours!) they will keep your feet nice 'n toasty in winter, and allow them to breathe through the natural fibres in summer. They have a rubber sole, so they offer comfort on hard flooring. They come with care instructions, but are very robust and easy to care for. We also stock Lahtiset felted innersoles for your shoes or slippers. A fantastic way to keep your feet warm in winter!
Q. Do the slippers stretch?
A. They don't stretch, but they will mold to your feet. We do recommend you try on the slippers, as they all fit differently due to being hand made and the sizing is quite generous. Having your toe right at the end is nothing to panic about! They will mold to your foot and it will feel much better than slopping around!
Q. I wear orthotics, will the slippers be suitable for me?
A. You must try the slippers on if this is the case. Just pop in store and you will be able to fit your orthotic in one of the boot slippers. 
Q. Do you offer laybuys?
A. We offer Afterpay both online and in-store! With Afterpay you can pay for your order in four fortnightly payments and get your products now - no interest or additional fees.
Q. Can I bring it back if it doesn't work where I think it will?
A. We are really understanding of the fact that although you may love something, it just might not work in the space you've bought it for. If the item is still in the same condition as it was when purchased and you have a proof of purchase, we can offer you a store credit or exchange within 14 days of purchase (in store purchases) or 30 days for online purchases. Please refer to our Online Returns and Exchanges Policy for more details. 
Q. Do you do sales?
A. We don't specifically hold sales, though we may offer promotions for the end of season stock, so keep your eyes peeled!
For any other questions, please don't hesitate to send us an email to