IKEA Lillabo Battery-Operated Locomotive

IKEA Lillabo Battery-Operated Locomotive

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A dream for small drivers ‒ a locomotive that is battery powered and controlled by a button on the topside. It can also reverse and its light shows the way forward. Join on the wagons ‒ full steam ahead!

When it's time to roll out from the station, simply push the button forward, and if you need to reverse, push it back. If you want to stop the train, set the button in the middle. Both simple and logical.

The locomotive lights up as it steams ahead on the rails.

Combines with most other railway systems on the market.

Develops the imagination, fine motor skills and logical thinking of your child.

Recommended for ages from 3 years.

This product bears the CE mark.

Batteries are sold separately.

Designer: Henrik Johansson / IKEA of Sweden