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The Moomins

Moomin Stinky Water Bottle

Moomin Stinky Water Bottle

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A cheery drinking bottle that holds 4,5 dl. The plastic bottle comes with an easy-to-use straw cap, and a separate 1 dl bottom compartment that can be used for a cup.

Stinky is a small, nosy and hairy creature who lives in Moominvalley. He loves pranks and likes to steal things. Without Stinky, the Police in Moominvalley had nothing to do, and life would be much more boring for the inhabitants. So it worthwhile to bring Stinky along!

The drinking bottle is a neat size, making it easy to bring water or your beverage of choice along to work, to hobbies, for car rides, forest outings, to the beach or wherever. The compartment at the bottom of the bottle screws on tight, offering some storage for veggies, a cookie, dental candy, keys, or it can be used as a cup. The transparent bottle is black and comes with a print featuring Stinky.


Plastic (Tritan, PP, PE), silicone


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