IKEA Björkäsen Laptop Stand
IKEA Björkäsen Laptop Stand

IKEA Björkäsen Laptop Stand

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This steady black laptop stand helps you study, work or play an instrument with sheet music.


It´s easy to adjust the height, tilt the top, move around in the home and even fold for storage.


A flexible and versatile solution that you can use throughout the home and for many different activities.


Its easy to tilt the top and adjust the height of BJÖRKÅSEN laptop stand to enjoy a working position that is comfortable for you.


Easy to fold so it takes up less storage space just tilt the top.


Clip the included cup holder to the underframe to always have coffee and other beverages nearby.


Width: 46 cm

Depth: 35 cm

Min. height: 60 cm

Max. height: 70 cm

Max. load: 12 kg